Electric Grinders and Accessories
General Information
Electric tool drives are universal “all-rounders”.
Equipment/Special features
In relation to their size and weight they offer
■■Smooth start up:
■■Compact, ergonomic design and shape.
a high performance. They are particularly suit-
The electronically-regulated Smooth start
■■Low weight.
able for use with grinding tools that require a
up ensures a jolt-free start-up preventing
■■Technologically up to date.
constant RPM.
machine mear.
■■High power output.
■■Versatile use.
■■Under voltage protection/restart protection:
■■Simple power supply.
Electric grinders can be used for nearly every
Should the power supply fail, PFERD electric
application. They are successfully used in many
grinders do not start up again inadvertently.
■■Easy to service.
industries for different processes. The stepless
Only after they have been switched off and
■■Cost effective.
electronic speed adjustment allows the use of
on again will the machine restart.
various types of tools on one single machine.
Electric grinders are not suitable
■■Current limiting/blocking protection:
■■for boiler construction
On double nominal current input, the grind-
■■or in very dusty conditions.
ers switch off for approx. 0,2 seconds. By
The PFERD product range
removing the load, the grinder is able to
PFERD provides a wide range of electric
take up the inital RPM again.
straight, angle, belt and drum grinders. PFERD
electric grinders are of the highest techno-
■■Temperature overload protection:
logical standard and accord with the latest
When a critical temperature is reached, the
ergonomic knowledge and requirements.
safety electronic system switches into cool-
They were specially developed for economic
ing mode. The machine must not be placed
under loads when in cooling mode. The
use of grinding, milling, brushing, cut-off and
polishing tools, and cover a broad range of
machine will only start at the set working
RPM after it has been switched on and off.
speeds (750 - 33.000 RPM) and power outputs
(500 - 1.500 watts). PFERD electric grinders
have an electronic speed control for constant
RPM values.
Standards, safety,
Large knurled,
general information
Compact housing for
easy-to-lower handle
PFERD electric machines bear
low noise levels
RPM control
for longer life
■■the CE symbol,
■■are totally insulated and comply with
protective class II.
PFERD electric machines comply with
■■the EC Machinery Directive,
■■EC Low-Voltage Directive and
■■Electromagnetic Compatibility.
National regulations must be
High motor output
rubber grip
on/off switch
Criteria for selecting the optimal electric grinder
The most important prerequisite for cost effec-
1. Design, shape and size
3. Power output
tive work is the selection of an optimal tool.
Every type of application places specific de-
The tool drive‘s power output is the deciding
Then a suitable drive can be choosen. Please
mands on the shape and size of the tool drive.
factor for maintaining the RPM under load.
take the following into consideration:
The different designs can be used for various
The load is determined from the material to be
applications: The ideal drive should be selected
machined, cutting capability of the tool and
for the task in hand depending on the dimen-
the grinding pressure.
sions, accessibility, type and frequency of the
4. Tool adapter
Depending on the PFERD tool you have se-
2. RPM
lected, different tool adapters are available e.g.
The tool drive should always be selected ac-
collets or threaded spindles. Every machine is
cording to the RPM and cutting speed recom-
allocated with matching tool mounts. Please
mendations for the tool.
refer to pages 94-95 for an overview of the
Please refer to catalogues 202 - 208 for these
collets and spindle extensions.


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